Donna Edwards

enabling women to
get a grip on their mind clutter

donna edwards

enabling women to
get a grip on their mind clutter

change your thoughts,

transform your life

Hi, I’m Donna and my life purpose is to empower and support women to improve the relationship with themselves and how they connect with others.

Together we will uncover repeated behaviour, emotional and communication patterns that are not serving you, and focus on solutions to create healthier interactions with the significant people in your life. Be it your partner, parents, colleagues, children, friends and by no means least, yourself.

Is this you?

You don’t have the head space, clarity or sense of self to know what you want.

You don’t feel aligned with who you are and what you believe in.

You don’t make time to relax or do what you enjoy, because you put everyone else’s needs first.

You find it hard to say no to other people’s requests, so say yes and then regret it.

You’re easily triggered by day to day situations and people’s behaviour.

Donna Edwards Life Coach

are you ready…

 To become the woman you want to be and live the life you want.

 To explore and learn new patterns of thinking and behaving, to help improve how you connect with others.

 To consciously live your life in accordance with your values.

 To talk about your desires honestly, with me guiding and supporting you to gain clarity and hold you accountable.

To set clear intentions and take the steps required to move you forward.

do you say yes to others, when you want to say no?

Many of my clients find it difficult to say no to other people’s requests, because they struggle to find words that don’t sound like an abrupt no.

If you’d like to be equipped with key phrases to help you say no to others, click below to receive my checklist of 12 Phrases for Saying No -without using the word no!

it’s not who you are that holds you back,

it’s who you think you’re not

client success

  Donna’s manner is calm and personable, professional and incredibly well-organised. She lets you set the pace, enabling you to feel in control of your sessions. Using her tools, you will draw your own conclusions and put in place your own actions.

The sessions are tailor made to you; it is a very personal and empowering process. Donna allows you to have pure light bulb moments, of which I had many!

Using Donna’s coaching concepts to make changes to my thoughts and to challenge long-held beliefs had an immediate impact on my life. I found that once-strained relationships became positive and difficult situations became enjoyable.

With a self -care plan in place, I feel fulfilled and positive about the life choices I make, with energy and enthusiasm left over to give to those I care about.

Recommending Donna is a no-brainer. She can open the eyes of those who want to take control, and see life and the choices they make with clarity and confidence.  

helen, full time mother of three

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